Online Divorce in Maryland: Documents Preparation

If spouses do not want to continue their marital relations, divorce in MD usually appears to be the only solution for them. Parties have several ways to apply for divorce; they can start a divorce process online or offline. Thanks to the e-filing system, online divorce in Maryland has become commonplace.

Maryland online divorce means that spouses will apply for a divorce online. Firstly, they will prepare divorce documents online and start the divorce procedure without visiting the clerk’s office.

Completing a divorce in Maryland online has many advantages. It allows you to reduce the time and effort required to attend court. In addition, if you have an uncontested case, it lets you get divorce help online in preparing papers for an online divorce in Maryland.

Our online divorce service offers you the opportunity to complete a package of documents for an online divorce in Maryland in just a few working days and at a favorable price.

We guarantee:

  • 100% data privacy;
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If you are looking for a way to prepare for a divorce in Maryland online quickly and reliably, our service is always ready to help you.

Grounds for Divorce in Maryland

To start the process, you should indicate one of the grounds for divorce in Maryland recognized by the state in the Complaint for Absolute Divorce.

The list of grounds for divorce in Maryland includes the following:

  1. Irreconcilable differences between you and your spouse that cannot be overcome.
  2. Living apart during the last 6 months prior to filing with the court, regardless of whether you were physically residing in the same house.
  3. Mutual consent, which provides for the resolution of all the divorce terms over child-related and property division issues and the conclusion of a Marital Settlement Agreement.

There are no other grounds for immediate divorce in Maryland, according to changes in the law effective since October 1, 2023.

Divorce Papers in Maryland: Needed to File Forms

If you have finally decided to file for marriage dissolution and are interested in how to get divorce papers online, you have several options. Firstly, you can download divorce papers online from the official website of the state court system. Besides, you can use our service to help you prepare divorce forms in Maryland online for your online divorce application without unnecessary stress. The easy divorce papers we offer are perfect for uncontested situations when all the issues are agreed upon.

The set of forms that you will need may differ depending on the grounds for divorce and other case-specific circumstances.

If you are looking for divorce papers in Maryland online but are not sure which ones you need, here is the list of those that are filed with the court in most cases:

1. Complaint for Absolute Divorce

This document is among the papers for divorce that one of the parties must submit to the clerk’s office or e-file to start the process.

2. Financial Statement

Spouses should fill out this form if their joint income exceeds $30,000.

3. Joint Statement of Parties Concerning Marital and Non-Marital Property

One of the Maryland divorce forms online that you may find is the parties’ joint statement to familiarize the court with a list of their property.

If you have minor children involved in the case, you will need more MD divorce forms in PDF format to file for marriage dissolution. In particular, you will have to complete the Maryland Parenting Plan Tool. Parties should use this form to create a parenting plan and resolve child custody, visitation, and maintenance issues.

If the reason for your divorce is mutual consent, another obligatory form is the Marital Settlement Agreement. In it, spouses determine the basic terms of their property division and child custody. It should be submitted to the court along with the Complaint for Divorce.

This list of online divorce paperwork is not final but indicative. It can be larger or smaller, depending on the type and circumstances of your case. If you were most worried about the question, “Can you get divorce papers online?”, the answer is affirmative. You can search and prepare Maryland divorce papers online yourself or get cheap divorce papers online using our service, provided your marriage dissolution is not contested.

Compare Your Options for Filing for Divorce in Maryland

Divorce with a Lawyer

Traditional divorce process when both spouses hire lawyers to represent their interests in court may cause certain challenges:

  • High attorneys’ hourly rates lead to a significant increase in the divorce cost.
  • Parties completely depend on lawyers’ schedules and workloads.
  • Conflict situations often provoke new disputes between parties.
  • Children involved in the case suffer from a high level of stress.
  • Numerous court battles significantly lengthen the case review.

DIY Divorce

The most budget-friendly option that involves independent proceedings is do-it-yourself divorce in Maryland, which bears some risks:

  • All the forms required for filing in court must be found on your own.
  • Any mistake made while filling out the papers may lead to resubmission.
  • Independent preparation for divorce requires a lot of time.
  • The obtained result may be unexpected for both parties.
  • Violation of process requirements may result in suspension of the case.

Online Maryland Divorce Service

Our online service is an affordable, reliable, and convenient tool for preparing for an online divorce in Maryland.

  • The easy-to-use platform is accessible from any device and location.
  • Maryland divorce papers online are ready in a few days.
  • Divorce in MD is finalized faster due to the absence of disputes.
  • Expenses on divorce in Maryland online are reduced several times.
  • All the papers are recognized at the state level.

How to Fill Out Maryland Divorce Papers

The first step in filing for divorce is the determination and preparation of the necessary documents. Although you have several options for how to file for a divorce in Maryland online, you need to know the basic requirements for filling out the papers.

When preparing forms for filing for divorce in MD, pay attention to the following:

  1. To file for divorce in Maryland online, first of all, you need to choose documents relevant to your case. Consider whether you have children and marital assets, the grounds for your divorce, and whether you have any disputes over its terms.
  2. Avoid any inaccuracies when filling out the forms. You can choose the cheapest way to file for divorce and complete all the paperwork yourself, but if there is any mistake, correction, crossing, or smudge, the clerk can return the documents, and you will have to resubmit them.
  3. If you and your spouse have not entered into the Marital Settlement Agreement and are asking the court for help in resolving disputed issues, formulate your requests to the judge clearly. Otherwise, you may get an unexpected result when your divorce is finalized.
  4. If you and your spouse have a high income or joint property and need to disclose your financial information when filing for divorce in Maryland online or offline, do not hide any data from the court. Deliberately deceiving the judge can result in a penalty.
  5. Carefully read what is indicated on each form. Many of them contain instructions or filling-out tips that you must follow for your paperwork to be accepted by the court.

If you do not know how to start filing for divorce, advice on filling out documents is what you need because, without ready-made papers, you will not be able to file for divorce online or offline.

The best way to file for divorce is to use an online document preparation service and submit the forms to the court yourself. It allows you to reduce the time in preparation and getting a divorce as you do not need to look for papers yourself or think about how to fill them out correctly. This tool makes easy divorce filing possible after all paperwork is done quickly and without extra effort.

How to Get a Divorce in Maryland without a Lawyer

If you wonder, “Can you file for divorce without a lawyer?”, the answer is, “Yes, you can.” However, it is worth noting that filing without an attorney is most appropriate when you have an uncontested divorce in Maryland.

Here is some information for you about what to consider if you are interested in how to file for divorce in Maryland without a lawyer:

To file for divorce in Maryland online or offline, you need to determine whether your case is contested. Typically, contested divorces are complex and often require the involvement of attorneys. In addition, they are durable and expensive. If you and your spouse can independently agree on the divorce terms, you may have a Maryland uncontested divorce and avoid hiring a lawyer.

The list of documents required for your case will depend on the grounds you state in the Complaint for Absolute Divorce. If you plan to divorce without an attorney, the reason based on mutual consent will be the most suitable. To file Maryland divorce forms online or in person on this basis, you will need to include the Settlement Agreement in their list.

Even if you divorce in Maryland without a lawyer, you can ask the court for spousal support. Three types of alimony can be awarded during a marriage dissolution within the state. When deciding on them, the judge will take into account your age, health state, and other factors.

If you divorce without a lawyer, you should determine the issues of child custody, visitation, and maintenance yourself. Most often, courts give preference to joint custody, taking into account the best interests of the children involved in the case.

Uncontested divorce in Maryland means that you can independently determine the terms of property division during marriage dissolution. Given that only joint property is subject to division, you first need to make the list of marital and non-marital assets.

It is difficult to answer in advance how to get divorced without an attorney without knowing the circumstances of the case. Pay attention to general recommendations and requirements; it will help to finalize your divorce faster.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Maryland

Filing divorce papers yourself is the most budget-friendly option you can use if your case is uncontested. Do-it-yourself divorce in Maryland means that you will have to go through all the stages, from preparing papers to obtaining a divorce decision, independently.

If you are interested in how to file your own divorce, follow these steps:

  1. Determine what forms you need and learn how to fill out divorce papers yourself. The set of documents for your marriage dissolution should correspond to your case.
  2. File the paperwork with the court. You can use the e-filing system to file divorce forms in Maryland online or at the court clerk’s office.
  3. Serve the defendant. To confirm that the other spouse has received divorce papers, you need to ask a sheriff, a private process server, or another adult not involved in the case to serve your spouse.
  4. Submit the Affidavit of Service to court. After the defendant receives the papers, file the confirmation of the procedure at the clerk’s office or online.
  5. Get the defendant’s answer. After the respondent has read the Complaint, they must file a response or counterclaim.
  6. Schedule a court hearing and finalize the divorce. You can set a court hearing and obtain a divorce decree as soon as all the previous steps are completed.

In answering how to file for divorce by yourself, it is worth saying that independent steps in filing for divorce can sometimes be quite confusing. If you still do not understand how to file your own divorce papers or do not want to spend time on independent preparation, you can contact our service to get documents for an online divorce in Maryland quickly and at an affordable price.


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To end your marriage, you should file for divorce in Maryland online or offline. Then, you will need to serve the spouse, attend a court hearing, and get your divorce decree issued by the court.

To file divorce papers in Maryland online or at the clerk’s office, you do not need to reside apart for any period of time. An exception may be only one of the grounds for immediate divorce in Maryland, which is 6 months of separate living.

The steps to file for divorce without a lawyer will be the same as for a do-it-yourself divorce in Maryland. You will need to prepare divorce forms in Maryland online or offline, submit them to the court, serve the respondent, attend a court hearing, and obtain a divorce decree.

You can file divorce forms in Maryland online or offline to get a dissolution of marriage regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. However, you should be prepared that such a case will be more extended and complicated.

To start the divorce process, you need to fill out the required forms and submit them to the court. You can do it yourself or, if you have a Maryland uncontested divorce, turn to our online service to complete the paperwork for your case in a few days.