How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Maryland?

Divorce is typically a long and stressful process for all parties involved. In addition, marriage dissolution entails significant financial expenses since it often requires court litigation and payment for the services of professional lawyers, resulting in high divorce cost in Maryland.

The cost of divorce in Maryland depends on case specifics, particularly whether it is a simple divorce or a complicated contested dissolution. The divorce cost in Maryland is affected by the presence of disputed divorce issues on property, minor children, alimony, etc. In this article, we have gathered information to answer the question, “How much does a divorce cost in Maryland?” and focused on the factors affecting the divorce cost.

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Average Cost of a Divorce in Maryland

According to Albers & Associates, the average cost of a divorce in Maryland can be around $11,000, depending on the case. The divorce cost in Maryland usually consists of expenses on:

  • Lawyer’s services;
  • Document preparation;
  • Court fees;
  • Services of other specialists if needed.

If you decide to hire a lawyer, which is often necessary if the case is contested, you must understand that a significant part of the cost of divorce in Maryland will be spent on their fees. Family attorneys typically charge hourly rates ranging from $200 to $500 and more. The fee may vary depending on the lawyer’s qualifications, location of practice, the complexity of divorce issues, etc.

The longer the process drags on, the higher the average cost of divorce will be. A simple divorce can take 3-4 months, while contested proceedings can last more than a year, leading to significantly high divorce costs for both parties. Full-agreement, uncontested cases make it possible for couples to undergo a do-it-yourself procedure, greatly reducing offline or online divorce costs.

To give a clear answer to the question “How much does it cost to get divorced in Maryland?”, you should first determine which type you will have – contested or not. Let’s focus on each of them in more detail.

Cost of Uncontested Divorce in Maryland

If spouses are cooperative and can resolve divorce issues out of court, the cost of uncontested divorce in Maryland can range from $500 to $5,000 or more, depending on whether they involve a lawyer.

An uncontested divorce means the parties are willing to mutually agree on all aspects of marriage dissolution, including property division, child custody and support, alimony, etc. This simple divorce is the fastest and most cost-effective option for both spouses since there is no need for lengthy court litigation. The divorce cost, in this case, will be based on:

  1. Mandatory court fee. The average filing fees in Maryland may vary by county but typically start at $165.
  2. Attorney’s hourly rate. A simple divorce allows you to significantly save on legal support and proceed with the case on your own. However, if you still require legal advice to ensure all requirements are met, documents are drafted correctly, and all issues are resolved fairly, be ready to pay several thousand dollars, depending on the scope of assistance needed.
  3. Additional expenses. These can include paying for document preparation services, notarizing documents if required, mediator’s help if there are still some minor issues to decide on, child custody experts, etc.

If you want to minimize the cost of uncontested divorce in Maryland and avoid hiring a lawyer, you can save yourself from unnecessary stress related to completing legal paperwork for your case. We are here to assist you with the forms required for your uncontested divorce.

Cost of Contested Divorce in Maryland

The approximate cost of a contested divorce in Maryland revolves around $14,000. However, the total sum depends on the complexity of divorce issues and the time needed to resolve them.

High prices are explained by the necessity to hire lawyers to represent parties in court and help them negotiate and settle disputes. Since the bulk of a contested divorce cost is made of attorney’s hourly fees, the longer the case lasts, the higher your expenses will be.

Additionally, considering the circumstances and grounds for marriage dissolution, a couple may require other specialists like investigators, property appraisers, financial analysts, child custody experts, etc., whose average fees range between $150 and $370 per hour. Consequently, in the most complicated cases with many conflicting matters, the total cost of a contested divorce in Maryland may reach $20,000-$30,000.

Notably, divorce cost is also affected by inflation, which impacts all industries and sectors of the economy. Therefore, family lawyers’ hourly rates and court fees tend to rise with time, increasing the total cost of divorce in Maryland.

Sometimes, a couple that starts their marriage dissolution as a contested one manages to negotiate on their own or with the help of mediators and turn their case into a simple divorce, eliminating the need to involve attorneys or other specialists. Choosing a DIY procedure is a budget-friendly option, though with some risks related to self-representation. Depending on the case, the online divorce cost or expenses on proceeding offline can range from $250 to $750, on average.

Average Fees for a Divorce Lawyer in Maryland

The average fees for a divorce lawyer in Maryland are from $200 to $500. The difference in attorney fees is explained by several factors, including expertise, reputation, professionalism, and location.

Consequently, if you need to hire an attorney, the cost of divorce in Maryland may start at $5,000 and exceed $20,000 in the most complex cases. Generally, divorce cost directly correlates with the lawyer’s involvement and the services you pay them for.

Even if you have a simple divorce with all the disputes agreed on, you may need a consultation with a lawyer or their expert help with paperwork. Such one-time services are normally cheaper and may even entail a certain flat fee irrespective of time spent. In contrast, full representation in court and prolonged negotiations on some or all the divorce issues will add up to your divorce cost in Maryland.

Wishing to minimize divorce lawyer cost, couples often choose limited representation or some specific service. If all you need is assistance with paperwork preparation, our service can be a very advantageous alternative. Ordering the necessary forms from us saves a lot of time and reduces offline or online divorce costs.

Average Filing Fees in Maryland

The average filing fees in Maryland start at $165 but may depend on various factors.

First, they may vary from county to county or even from court to court. Besides, the case type would determine if any additional payable services or actions are required, which makes it one of the influencing factors. Some extras may be charged for copies, certifications, mailing, service of process, as well as supplemental motions or applications.

In a simple divorce, the overall divorce cost may equal a flat filing fee plus payments for mandatory copies. Filing fees for contested cases tend to be somewhat higher since the petitioner needs to make motions on certain divorce issues requiring more forms to be filed, each entailing additional payment.

By the way, if you contemplate e-filing, you should be ready for an extra charge for this service, which will slightly increase your online divorce cost.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Maryland Divorce

The type of your marriage dissolution is the primary factor influencing the overall cost. While simple divorce is cheaper per se, each dispute in a contested case may add up to the total sum.

Let’s analyze factors that affect the cost of Maryland divorce in more detail.

If you manage to settle all the disputes with your spouse for uncontested marriage dissolution, you may end with only obligatory court fees for filing, copies, service of process, etc. Considering effective official rates and online divorce cost, if applicable, you may spend about $500-$1,000.

In a contested case, you will need to hire a lawyer or a mediator, which will increase your expenses significantly. On average, it may cost you about $5,000 and higher.

The involvement of minor children is a factor that greatly influences divorce cost in Maryland. Even if your case is uncontested, settling child-related matters may raise your expenses twice and reach $20,000 in the most complex situations.

You may still require the services of child custody experts to ensure that the corresponding issues are settled properly. Besides, the court may obligate you to attend parent education classes, counseling sessions, or psychiatric evaluations. All these activities will surely cost you a pretty penny.

Spousal support is often one of the disputed divorce issues that may require an attorney’s involvement, entailing additional expenses to pay for the time spent on negotiations and paperwork.

The unresolved disputes concerning asset division tend to be quite costly since their settlement requires too much documentation. It increases the time the lawyer will spend on the case, raising the overall divorce cost. High-net-worth marriages tend to be especially expensive, often exceeding $20,000. The reason for such high prices is the necessity to involve property appraisers, tax experts, and other specialists. If home refinance is needed, home inspections, application fees, closing costs, title search fees, etc., will add up to the total expenses.

You can considerably lower your offline or online divorce cost if you resolve the issues listed on your own and agree to all the terms before filing. An uncontested divorce will save you from excessive expenses on attorneys and other specialists.

How We Can Help You

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